Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Life is like pimples. (Or is it? Perhaps the fact is that in the past few months, my mind was only on my pimples on the cheeks and it has made me blinkered enough to compare everything with them.)

These pimples manage to spring up and then they manage to disappear, leaving behind a plethora of marks. (how pathetic :D) Several things in life are like that perhaps. One does so many things in his childhood which he will perhaps never be able to remember. But it still leaves a mark on his personality or the way his moral fibre has shaped up. (There. I did it. I compared life with pimples! I am Godly. :|) Anyway, if we, in our lives, don’t have these experiences which are going to leave a mark on our persona, we won’t grow up. It’s the mundane details in our everyday life which actually makes us human from … well… dumb instinctive babies which know only how to wail, eat, wet their diaper and then again go on with this simple cycle :|

So if we consider a pimple as en experience, as a much needed humdrum detail in our lives, that it won’t be much of a problem.

Now I hope that I have convinced myself that I need not crib about them.


stalemate said...

i can completely empathize ,baby :(

olive oyl said...

yeah what a tragedy. i still have pimples. shall be perennially bothered by them i guess :(