Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Prinsep Ghat is The Ultimate Lovers’ Paradise in Kolkata, albeit the excreta stenches of animals and humans and what not. I had been to Prinsep many a times. I was also the victim of a keen observation made by the parents of a friend who said that I had taken up humanities in +2 so that I could visit Prinsep with (not so) handsome boys. I really liked this comment. It showed that some people have innovative minds to cook up ground-breaking reasons for one visiting a particular place.

Prinsep is a great place of escape. But I am beginning to suspect that the place is recently witnessing a proliferation of people I know well and I wish to steer clear of. My publicity of the place did not benefit me I guess. We classmates went there for the first time during monsoon, sort-of bunking school. We were unfortunately caught by the river traffic police whose daughter was our senior. And was then that we realised that we were geniuses at cooking up stories together. We claimed that we were on an assignment from school regarding a project on Kolkata’s heritage sites. We had to sit through his lectures on all the ghats. Not that we minded for it came with free hot tea. (Ah.. a few rupees were saved :|) I am not too keen on forgetting that day. It was so good that I did not even frown much when I had to share my umbrella with the nincompoops who never bothered to carry one. (The do carry one now, occasionally… phew) Prinsep brought new dimensions to my life- however weird it may sound. It gave me my first tryst with Romance, and the joys of it. It was the beginning of many expeditions taken by us- be it Dalhousie during Durga Puja where we all got pathetically drenched and posed under the Raj Bhavan’s arches to keep ourselves dry (Sayantani was looking really sexy…She was looking like one of those carvings on the Konarak Temple… wish we both were not so straight then…); or the barmy Howrah-Bridge crossing and ferrying expeditions for no particular reason at all. I often think of the time when we were watching The Namesake and the glimpses of the Howrah Bridge were really tempting. And then all of a sudden as we got out of the hall, we spotted a double- decker bus and thus boarded on to it. It was headed towards Howrah, much to our delight. Some might call it madness. Some might even say that these weren’t even remotely adventurous. But in a very small way, they made me what I am. And they made us into what we are now. I at times wish that every year, even if we have really tight schedules, we should all meet and go to these places. Practically, that is hardly possible. But then, there’s no harm in hoping!

P.S: I had been to Prinsep today with my mother, and it has sentimentally charged me up :P

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Life is like pimples. (Or is it? Perhaps the fact is that in the past few months, my mind was only on my pimples on the cheeks and it has made me blinkered enough to compare everything with them.)

These pimples manage to spring up and then they manage to disappear, leaving behind a plethora of marks. (how pathetic :D) Several things in life are like that perhaps. One does so many things in his childhood which he will perhaps never be able to remember. But it still leaves a mark on his personality or the way his moral fibre has shaped up. (There. I did it. I compared life with pimples! I am Godly. :|) Anyway, if we, in our lives, don’t have these experiences which are going to leave a mark on our persona, we won’t grow up. It’s the mundane details in our everyday life which actually makes us human from … well… dumb instinctive babies which know only how to wail, eat, wet their diaper and then again go on with this simple cycle :|

So if we consider a pimple as en experience, as a much needed humdrum detail in our lives, that it won’t be much of a problem.

Now I hope that I have convinced myself that I need not crib about them.