Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The F-word.

Frustration. (The term is synonymous with my name. Frustration has manifested itself physically in the form of pimples. They are huge, stuck like craters on my cheek, and intend to settle permanently.)

Why are we happy mortals frustrated more often than not? everyone is frustrated in some way or the other. Frustration is a perennial source of Frustration. It's saga in childhood begins with a state of denials. You are denied the basic joys of life- phuchkas, roadside delicacies etc. thus frustration is usually hurled onto you as a repercussion of food-stuff-denial. However as we grow this frustration wanes out since we get wise and gorge on such stuff away from our parents’ strict vigilance.

Frustration in teenage comes from the movie stars more often than not. For example, I fell in love with Hugh Grant. And then I came to know that he had hurled beans at a photographer. Now that was unique no doubt, but I would not exactly love to fall in love with someone who resorts to hurling beans for time pass. Late teenage is a complex issue altogether. Frustration comes in the form of realisation of physical deformities and psychological distortions. (Even if you are lectured on the Taare Zameen Par stuff that every child is special, such complexes are bound to remain. It’s human. :p) frustration appears in the complex opposite- sex struggle. (Mind games, you pervert. I am not discussing anything physical :-| ). One is bound to fall for the oh-so-handsome inaccessible bloke who is always ostensibly beyond ones network coverage. :-(. Then when you ultimately get hold of the target-guy, frustration prevails with the thoughts of dealing with parents, friends, time management, studies, (apart from dealing with the hapless victim of one’s fascination itself) etc etc…

Life is thus full of frustration. My mother complains of frustration in her job, my father foresees frustration as an impending doom which shall ruin his post-retirement life; my grandmother is frustrated as she is idle… And look at me. I am all of 18 (ok, not yet… few days still left) and I complain of frustration too. What shall I do during my granny’s age?

It’s a tricky question.

Very hard to imagine.