Thursday, 10 April 2008

Senti ;-)

I am in a mood for sentimental brouhaha. It all started with the converging realisation of the beginning of something and the end of another. The end of something paves the way for the starting of something else…isn’t it? Yeah I merely have a few months in school. In order to avoid the farewell day tear-flood, I am preparing myself for it twelve months before. It all has suddenly reminded me of my (even more) younger days when I used to complete my homework during the lunch break coz I did not have friends to play with. And I seemed not to care. I was merely an overgrown toddler then, all of seven or eight summers. It amazes me now that I have people around me whom I can call friends. We grow up... And things change. Things have definitely become better for me through the years. Then what am I apprehensive of? Of leaving the protected arena of schooldom? Of being thrown amongst strangers? Of trying to make a mark in a completely different place all over again? I doubt if there is anything to be afraid of. I know that I am capable of dealing with all that’s hurled at us in various stages of life. We all usually have the potentials to do so; some way or the other. Hence my apprehensions are all baseless. Although they will remain, considering the fact that I am no Super-gal, it’s no use allowing them to overshadow ones common sense. (Am I trying to perform some self- actualisation stuff?)

Yeah, I know that the thought of changes has triggered the latent sentimental potentialities in me… However, its fun senti-maraoing at times.