Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Roadies Effect

I am a very creative person.


I can rip off any sorts of ideas and mould them to fit my own mind’s frame. Yesterday’s Roadies’ money collecting task harped on my imagination-string. The blokes were dressed as ladyboys or something. Even the guys thus had to dress like girls and perform a semi- strip dance with seductress like moves. I tried to imagine every single guy I know in that condition. And believe me they scored better than me. I’d have looked like Condoleezza Rice performing in a club. Where as the guys I thought of could actually pass off as stripping eunuchs , who are... ahem... sultrier than Rice. Sorry Bush. (Do they all have such funny surnames?)

I suggest that every person should try imagining this guy-gal thing. It's such a cool time pass :p