Saturday, 8 March 2008

Exams? duh

I am going to write about examinations. I know it is sickening. But I need to vent out my anger on the system of testing here. Or else i shall be venting out on the Paper from Tuesday onwards- and that wouldn't exactly make my future any brighter.

We little mortals like to live life to the lees... (Did i just quote Tennyson's Ulysses? I bet he wouldn't have bothered about seeking knowledge beyond horizon had he been provided with a set of entrance exam paper before venturing out to do so. Huh.) Examinations only tie us down to sit and study (read: gulp down words without having to understand them). I really wonder why we have so many formally recognised marks or grade-based examinations on the field of education. Why, for example, aren't we supposed to give an examination (both theoretical and practical) before getting married to begin ones conjugal life formally? Examinations are supposed to rate us so that we can plan our future well, according to our means and talent, right? Then why don't we have a formally recognised examination in the world's most fascinating projects- population exploder? I have a strong feeling that this would have prevented our Great Population Boom.

The West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education has got its own signature style where implementation of examination is concerned. For the 'benefit' of their super- intelligent students, even the class eleven final exams are supposed to be given at an external examination centre. Luckily, they provide us with ample entertainment. For example, our centre is very close to an inanely cheap prostitution den, and hence youthful and not so youthful sex starved men are often seen to be aligning themselves near the walls of the centre and its periphery in order to grab their human- viagra. :| Thanks, WBBHSE.

Another interesting sight to watch during examinations are the parents and the examinees themselves. the poor parents mob the centres with tiffin boxes and water bottles, trying to get a glimpse of their superstar sons and daughters who are going to go through the Great Examinations. Boys and girls get into the halls with red symbols of some gods and goddesses on their foreheads, and come out with teary eyes- as if their life has ruined. A few peaceful souls have happy faces- not because of a good paper, but because of the end of the examinations.

Hail to thee, oh ye Exam Spirit.