Monday, 25 February 2008

Valentine's Special

Yet another valentine’s day gone. I missed the romance which was definitely in the air because I was scared of going out on that day since I staunchly believe that my parents will freak out thinking that I have a boyfriend (or a girlfriend) Hence I ignored both the sexes (noun) on this special day. On V-day, the stores are adorned with red balloons. Shops hand over balloons to every couple they can lay their eyes upon. I think they are provided for the lovers to write their names umpteen number of times. Or else they shall desperately resort to scribbling on tree barks and monuments, advertising their immortal love towards each other. The parks are swarmed with odd couples of various shapes, sizes and ages. Young kids are suddenly thrown away from the swings, replaced by desi hot chicks who giggle while their better/worse-halves try to woo by pushing them (the swings). The highly romantic boys and girls all of a sudden become Siamese twins stuck near the heads. The fact that they aren’t Siamese twins after all is proved by the constant hairstyling advertisements performed for free by the male counterparts. Yeah, love is in the air. And then the lovely air is polluted by our moral polices. The exhibition of affection becomes suddenly blasphemous, against the desi culture and against ‘Bharatiyata’. Somebody needs to hang them in front of the walls of the Konarak Temple in Orissa- let them question on the Indianness of displaying affection then. (However I bet they will just ogle at the carvings.) Poor moral polices. I suppose they are really deprived.