Monday, 28 January 2008

Ten things i must do before I turn 18

The List:

1. Won't crack non- veg jokes for 24 hours at a stretch. (rather, non-veg pj's- I opted for losing virginity deep under the sea to produce mermaids. That's one of my ultra-pj and proves the fact that I have been deprived of the non-females for a long time : )

2. Watch porn on television. (I must admit I am scared of this. Two people does the same thing continuously for two hours. it gets boring. And one can produce better sounds while farting. )

3. Stay away from home, on the road, one whole night. (no. ALONE. or with Girls. And I am not a lesbian.)

4. Get a boyfriend for a week (What? no BF in 18 whole years of my life? True. : - not that I mind. I'd rather be a lesbian. )

5. Kiss a frog. (JLT. I am not under the illusion that it will turn into Prince Charming. I ain't THAT frustrated )

6. Give a hard kick on the You-Know-Where of all the pseudo- intellectuals i know. (There constant claim that no one cares for them drives me batty. Were they born with this disorder or is it PMS? )

7. Bunk school, and learn to give better excuses for bunking

8. Drive an auto. Some say that I am prone to falling in love with the autowalas. So I am going to keep one in the backseat. (in case I screw up my auto-driving stint. Not for any other reason, you perverts. )

9. Whistle at boys, give them chits with my cell number, say "Hi, I want to make friendship with you", or "hi sexy" etc etc. (Poor boys.)

10. Marry a rich brat. Does Ratan Tata have a boy?

P.S: Don't take me too seriously. :D