Monday, 8 October 2007


"Politician" has, through evolution, received a new meaning. To some youthful minds, the concept of a politician is associated with a fat 'uneducated' tobacco chewing minister with pristine white kurta pajamas. Somewhat like the minister in the front-page cover of Anurag Mathur's 'Making the minister smile". If we venture to say that in future one would like to get involved into politics, parents nearly get into the verge of committing suicide. [alright, may be this has been a bit too far-fetched.] Sad. Yet, we pay respect to Jawaharlal Nehru, A.P.J Kalam and the likes. They were [or are] Politicians. Politicians are, simply put, a formally recognised and an active member of the government. A politician does not mean necessarily have to be a "fraudulent person as many blindly believe. All politicians NEED NOT have a star backing them up. [read: Amar Singh] That is the personal character of several politicians, which influence their public life. So why can't one think of being a politician, just like contemplating being an engineer or a doctor?

I need an answer to this question.