Sunday, 7 October 2007

Oh! Calcutta!

Recently, on asking a friend why Kolkata has been called 'back-dated' by him, the reply was that 'it has got a lesser number of malls than in Mumbai or Delhi. Thus there was a space- crunch for 'hangouts'. According to him, City Centre, Forum, and the few CCDs scattered all over the city were the only affordable hang-out centres for us youths with a dwindling pocket money.
So, is Kolkata's hangout limited to the steps of CC or Forum? It's true, that the old hangout centres like Victoria has witnessed a proliferation of deprived people with a highly pornographic bent of mind, but then a chit-chat on the lawns of good old Victoria [while observing such couples mentioned above, minus camera] is a good option. it is also economical. [no hard feelings for these couples. i shall be forever indebted to them]
I really envy Kendriya Vidyalaya Fort William. Their school is right opposite to the Prinsep ghat, along the river Hooghly. [ lets not discuss the over-siltation and its molestation by plastic bags here.] The Scoop Kwality Ice Cream parlour is a blessing to our pocket money. One Plate French fry can be easily gorged upon by two thin people. College street is a good place to hang out for the intellectual youths. A Coffee House adda perhaps requires one to be a college student, but there is no harm in sneaking into it for a cup of cold coffee, all at Rs. 12 [ Learn, CCD, Learn.] A walk on Park Street is a good way of de-stressing after going through the hard work of school like standing outside the class for ONE WHOLE period. Its refreshing to see pretty girls and cool guys. [what if they are a pair, no harm in admiring beauty, so long as one doesn't become lecherous.] And of course there are the small lanes of Kolkata. And its always fun to get lost in the lanes of Salt Lake.
I am trying to find out more such hangout centres in kolkata. My knowledge is limited to Central Calcutta, unfortunately.

p.s: I LOVE city centre's steps too. I usually spend most of the time in the evening there, gazing at people.