Sunday, 7 October 2007

K- Sera Sera

This Post has been strictly dedicated to Ekta Kapoor. [is it EktaA Kapoor? Do let me know.]

I don't watch the K-serials and therefore I have no right to criticise them. However, while changing channels I do come over their serials once in a while [and i must confess that i watch for at least 5 minutes then, on the sly.] In this BIG BAD WORLD where men dominate the poor women, Ektaa Kapoor the courage to show that women can be real vamps. the longer their bindis on the forehead, the more dangerous they are. this is a fact.
She has brought about a revolution with the number of marriages a girl can get herself into, ( wishing to get into them personally.) ahh..the deprived women. I admire ektaA kapoor's concept of an Indian Liz Taylor.
I especially liked, when ages ago, Mandira Bedi faked a pregnancy in order to catch some poor bloke in 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.'. This was a novel idea. And the fact that this bloke's wife Tulsi was simultaneously pregnant is a 'noveler' idea. The fact thet this poor bloke's [I don't know his name. My friends did not enlighten me with it] mother would not pay heed to the woes of Tulsi [Oh what a pristine name!] but would take the side of Mandira was the 'novelest' idea one could cook up. [i know. there isn't any word like noveler or novelest. you need not sneer]
I admire the fact that ektaA kapoor has enlightened us with this bright piece of information that plastic surgery can be done regularly. I am contemplating doing so. I need it. [example: That Bloke of Kyunki Saas Bhi...., a similar bloke of Kasautii..something ]. did i get my spellings right?
And last but not the least, EktaA Kapoor has glorified the government's attempt at better health. Baa, thus, shall never die unless killed. And also, her characters don't face a natural death in most of the cases. they are killed. This too definitely shows that had they led a normal life, they would have lived upto Baa's age; who is the Indian version of Dumbledore. [ and mind you, Dumbledore was killed.]

THANK YOU, for empowering women.