Monday, 8 October 2007


"Politician" has, through evolution, received a new meaning. To some youthful minds, the concept of a politician is associated with a fat 'uneducated' tobacco chewing minister with pristine white kurta pajamas. Somewhat like the minister in the front-page cover of Anurag Mathur's 'Making the minister smile". If we venture to say that in future one would like to get involved into politics, parents nearly get into the verge of committing suicide. [alright, may be this has been a bit too far-fetched.] Sad. Yet, we pay respect to Jawaharlal Nehru, A.P.J Kalam and the likes. They were [or are] Politicians. Politicians are, simply put, a formally recognised and an active member of the government. A politician does not mean necessarily have to be a "fraudulent person as many blindly believe. All politicians NEED NOT have a star backing them up. [read: Amar Singh] That is the personal character of several politicians, which influence their public life. So why can't one think of being a politician, just like contemplating being an engineer or a doctor?

I need an answer to this question.

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Some 'intellectuals' I know, do not watch Hindi movies. They also don't approve of any movie with excessive 'fun' factor. Therefore, according to these high and mighty 'intellectuals' (pseudo?) a neo-realism cinema is of course much better than a Meg Ryan's rom-com, and those who watch Meg Ryan romancing Tom Hanks or Billy Crystal, confound them.

I enjoy serious dramas, but I love romantic comedies and several Bollywood movies. I revel at Shah Rukh Khan's six packs. [ Yes, six packs. Not eight.] I enjoy the song and dance sequences. Yes, even those with the gravity defying sarees, [not the ones wore by the heroine. I am not a pervert. ] flowing all over the field [why, no idea.] while Jeetendra romances Jaya Prada or Sridevi. They are the true comic- capers. I love the romantic comedies like 'You've got mail', Sleepless in Seattle, I.Q, and family movies like Father of the Bride, and Cheaper by the dozen, and many others. I like the simplicity in these movies. Their simplicity makes me smile; and allows me to understand life much better, perhaps. It's not that I wouldn't watch a "Pianist" or "a Beautiful Mind". But I like watching movies dealing with the mundane details of everyday life. These movies have made me realise that one does not need to put an effort to be 'different'. The one who claims to be the 'Different' may actually be quite ordinary. We are, what we are. We don't need to pretend to be different from the crowd, just for the sake of it.

P.S: Dedicated to a friend who was 'shocked' when I explained that I was going out to watch a Bollywood movie in the cinema hall.

Oh! Calcutta!

Recently, on asking a friend why Kolkata has been called 'back-dated' by him, the reply was that 'it has got a lesser number of malls than in Mumbai or Delhi. Thus there was a space- crunch for 'hangouts'. According to him, City Centre, Forum, and the few CCDs scattered all over the city were the only affordable hang-out centres for us youths with a dwindling pocket money.
So, is Kolkata's hangout limited to the steps of CC or Forum? It's true, that the old hangout centres like Victoria has witnessed a proliferation of deprived people with a highly pornographic bent of mind, but then a chit-chat on the lawns of good old Victoria [while observing such couples mentioned above, minus camera] is a good option. it is also economical. [no hard feelings for these couples. i shall be forever indebted to them]
I really envy Kendriya Vidyalaya Fort William. Their school is right opposite to the Prinsep ghat, along the river Hooghly. [ lets not discuss the over-siltation and its molestation by plastic bags here.] The Scoop Kwality Ice Cream parlour is a blessing to our pocket money. One Plate French fry can be easily gorged upon by two thin people. College street is a good place to hang out for the intellectual youths. A Coffee House adda perhaps requires one to be a college student, but there is no harm in sneaking into it for a cup of cold coffee, all at Rs. 12 [ Learn, CCD, Learn.] A walk on Park Street is a good way of de-stressing after going through the hard work of school like standing outside the class for ONE WHOLE period. Its refreshing to see pretty girls and cool guys. [what if they are a pair, no harm in admiring beauty, so long as one doesn't become lecherous.] And of course there are the small lanes of Kolkata. And its always fun to get lost in the lanes of Salt Lake.
I am trying to find out more such hangout centres in kolkata. My knowledge is limited to Central Calcutta, unfortunately.

p.s: I LOVE city centre's steps too. I usually spend most of the time in the evening there, gazing at people.

K- Sera Sera

This Post has been strictly dedicated to Ekta Kapoor. [is it EktaA Kapoor? Do let me know.]

I don't watch the K-serials and therefore I have no right to criticise them. However, while changing channels I do come over their serials once in a while [and i must confess that i watch for at least 5 minutes then, on the sly.] In this BIG BAD WORLD where men dominate the poor women, Ektaa Kapoor the courage to show that women can be real vamps. the longer their bindis on the forehead, the more dangerous they are. this is a fact.
She has brought about a revolution with the number of marriages a girl can get herself into, ( wishing to get into them personally.) ahh..the deprived women. I admire ektaA kapoor's concept of an Indian Liz Taylor.
I especially liked, when ages ago, Mandira Bedi faked a pregnancy in order to catch some poor bloke in 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.'. This was a novel idea. And the fact that this bloke's wife Tulsi was simultaneously pregnant is a 'noveler' idea. The fact thet this poor bloke's [I don't know his name. My friends did not enlighten me with it] mother would not pay heed to the woes of Tulsi [Oh what a pristine name!] but would take the side of Mandira was the 'novelest' idea one could cook up. [i know. there isn't any word like noveler or novelest. you need not sneer]
I admire the fact that ektaA kapoor has enlightened us with this bright piece of information that plastic surgery can be done regularly. I am contemplating doing so. I need it. [example: That Bloke of Kyunki Saas Bhi...., a similar bloke of Kasautii..something ]. did i get my spellings right?
And last but not the least, EktaA Kapoor has glorified the government's attempt at better health. Baa, thus, shall never die unless killed. And also, her characters don't face a natural death in most of the cases. they are killed. This too definitely shows that had they led a normal life, they would have lived upto Baa's age; who is the Indian version of Dumbledore. [ and mind you, Dumbledore was killed.]

THANK YOU, for empowering women.